NRG Coaches


Steve Bruggeman (Running Coach)


Steve is a level 2 Running coach specialising in middle distance and long distance running. He has coached within the club for over 7 years and was part of the original NRG committee. His coaching ability stretches from runners just starting out to runners running under 4 minute km pace, Steve’s main goal is to ensure each runner has the opportunity to reach their full running potential.

As a runner Steve has run over 55 races with distances over 42.2km around the world and is a keen participant in endurance events.   


Paul Heagney (Running Coach)

Paul is a Level 1 Running Coach who specialises in Speed and Endurance.
Paul has also completed Certificate III in Fitness (SRF30206) and Certificate IV in Fitness (SRF 40206) to become a qualified Personal Trainer.

Paul has had many years experience in sport as an ex local Rugby League player, and has competed in various running events such as 6 Foot Track, Sydney Blackmore’s Marathon, Canberra Marathon, Gold Coast Marathon, SMH Half Marathon and more than 20 City to Surf runs.

 Paul has passion and lots of enthusiasm for running, and hopes to pass this onto other runners, to encourage and help them, achieve their goals.

Chris Dawe (Running Coach)

Chris is a Level 3 Advanced Events coach with a history of competing in long distance extreme events across a variety of disciplines, where physical and mental exhaustion are merely another barrier to push through. He well knows what it is like to be at the limit of exhaustion, and knows many tricks for getting the best results out of people even when they're certain they can't go on. He is especially interested in injury prevention, nutrition for optimal performance, utilisation of technology to record and monitor results, and encouraging runners at all levels to challenge themselves to go a little further and faster. And more importantly - to have fun doing it.