NRG Club Contacts intro

The NRG committee is elected each year around the 1st of May. There are various roles on the committee and all members are welcome to apply to sit on the committee either in a specifc role or as a general member representative. If you wish to be considered for a committee position, please contact the current president before mid-April. If more than one person is keen on the same role, an election will be held at the AGM which is held around the first of May each year.

The NRG committee for 2015/16 is detailed below:

 President - Jennie Sharland Riggs
One Thursday Night I saw a group of runners in Northbridge, and pulled over and asked if they were a running group. I was so happy, someone to run with!! For years later, it was the best decision ever. Being a member of NRG motivates me and I love the comrade and the mix of people. It’s a whole lot of fun, while keeping fit and making life long friendships along the way. Many training runs, marathons and ultra runs on; I’m looking forward to giving back to the Club.

Phone: 0414 816 521

 Vice President - Richard Bettles
I had run since school but you wouldn't call it "Training". After 2 consecutive years ending up in the medic tent at the end of City 2 Surf with a thermometer where it shouldn't be, It was suggested I stop winging races and join a running group to train properly. I was introduced to NRG by a work colleague in 2008 and haven't looked back. Monday night Intervals is my favourite session. I love racing and inspiring others to perform to their best be it City 2 Surf or 100milers.

Phone: 0414 721 174

 Registrar - Chris Dawe
Chris joined NRG in 2008 to improve his overall fitness and to provide a land-based alternative to his usual sport of offshore sailing. Since then he has learnt a whole collection of new words, with Archilles Tendonitis, Illiotibial Band Syndrome and Plantar Fasciitis amongst his favourites. For his sins, Chris is currently the NRG Registrar as well as being an accredited Endurance Events coach, and has an especial interest in encouraging runners at all levels to reach and exceed their goals. He can be contacted for any membership or registration questions.

Phone: 0416 070501

 Treasurer - Michael Foster
I was introduced to the club by Walter Edgar who said (quite rightly) I would never be any good as a soccer player so I may as well take up running. Carried by the enthusiasm of the club members and the wonderful coaches I foolhardily signed up for the iconic 6ft Track in 2006. To say I suffered is an understatement and I did not return to face the Pluviometer and Black Ranges until I was fully prepared in 2013. But I was infected by the trail bug and now thanks to the club I have been able to run, and enjoy, the race for the last 4 years plus taking on other wonderful trail challenges. I owe my love of running to the members and trainers of NRG - and long may it continue.

Phone: 0416 299 999

 Newsletter Editor - Tony Perna
Tony runs, cycles, works almost more hours a week than there actually are and somehow finds the time to put together the NRG Newsletter every week as well. He's always secretly delighted that people read his prose - Don't forget to say "Hi!" when you see him!

Phone: 0420 265 435

 Saturday Run Coordinator - Leisa Chell
After travelling around Australia for two years in a 4WD and slide-on-camper with my hubbie, I needed a reality check from the daily happy hours. Running became my new happy hour and in 2012 I joined NRG. I struggled to keep up with the back-of-the pack in my first run, but have since gone on to do two marathons. I entertain myself on the long training runs by creating stand up comedy skits- I may even perform them one day! I can't say no to any adrenalin inducing activities, the favourite jumping off the Sky Tower in NZ.

Phone: 0403 044 709

 Thursday Run Coordinator - Matt Cherri
I joined NRG in 2012 because training in a group is much more enjoyable and motivational than slogging it out on your own. Many events that I have taken part in over the last few years I would not have imagined possible without the support and encouragement from fellow NRG members. Get out there and enjoy yourself, running makes you feel good! Catch you on a Thursday night.

Phone: 0408 289 822

 Education Coordinator - Ross Cochrane
For most of my life I played team sports for both the physical activity/social connections that you form in training and playing games as a team. As I got older I found that the injuries and niggles were mounting up and that I wasn't getting as much physical activity as I needed so I started going out running around the local area. I really enjoyed "just running" but felt that I needed to take on some challenges so I signed up for some local running races and triathlons. A few years back someone mentioned NRG and invited me along for a run which added the social and sharing dimension that I had enjoyed from team sport. I have learned so much about running and have been really motivated by the awesome members of the club. I hope to be able to share information and provide inspiration through the education sessions that NRG run during the year.

Phone: 0409 717 419

 Social Coordinator - Allison Davies

Phone: 0405 542 566

 Secretary - Aileen Davidson
I've been running on and off since around 2000 when I decided I needed to regain some fitness. I joined NRG in 2013 after moving to Sydney from the UK and thinking I needed to meet some like-minded individuals. I certainly found them and have made some amazing friends in the past 3-4 years. A few injuries, a preference for short distances and triathlons means I haven't been seen out on many of the longer club runs. I may not have joined the ultra marathon club as yet, but the enthusiasm and inspiration around the club will no doubt drag me in eventually! I've been known to wear cheetah ears (of course they make me go faster) and if you ever need some post run cake, I'm your girl 😊

Phone: 0422 069 392

 Merchandise Administrator - Robyn Bruins
Robyn originally joined NRG with the aim of improving her time in the City 2 Surf. She struggles to say no to almost anything. 8 months and 147km of race running later she is part of the NRG committee and helping out with merchandise. The short transition from newbie to committee member is testament to the incredibly inclusive and welcoming nature of the club to anyone of any skill level. She is looking forward to becoming more involved with NRG and is continuously inspired by how much NRG has changed peoples lives.

Phone: 0402 302 040