Go back to listThursday Club Run - Greenwich, June 22, 2017
Thursday Club Run

60 min + stretch
5 groups by pace

Host: Az Roberts
Start: 6.30 pm, Indoor Sports Centre, Crows Nest
Route: Greenwich
Distance: 8-12 km depending on pace
Warm up spot: Silver Balls, Greenwich

* Pace : While terrain and conditions will vary pace, as a rule of thumb, groups will target the following average pace
Fasties : sub 4:45 min/km
Fast Middies : sub 5:00 min/km
Mid Middies : sub 5:15 min/km
Short Middies : sub 5:30 min/km
Back-of-the-Pack : remainder

* Size : If a run leader finds their group is too large to manage effectively, they may split the group in two (faster and slower groups) and assign a secondary run leader to the additional group

Lodged by Matt Cherri, trc@nrg.asn.au
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