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Running since 1993
Sydney, Australia
Date: 7/6/2021
Subject: NRG Weekly Newsletter - 7 July 2021
From: NRG Editor

Dear ~~first_name~~ , 
Welcome to the NRG weekly newsletter.

Club News

What's Happening?


Keep on running! 
Based on the numbers and the trends, the Sydney restrictions are continuing for at least another week, so NRG's runs will continue to be unofficial self-organised sessions. We intend to be back on with our regular group sessions when we are allowed more than 10 people running in compliance with the NSW regulations.
The good news is there've been zero transmissions recorded in outdoor settings despite an unusually high number of Sydney residents exercising on trails, ovals, footpaths and in parks. Don't let the chilly weather deter you. The cases have all been indoor contacts. So keep up the good work, stay safe and get vaccinated as soon as possible. 


Matt and Randy have put together a perky little online trivia contest for you, with a practical and relevant prize for winner and runner-up. Get a pen & paper, a drink & a snack, and click on this link at 6:30 PM to join in.

Running Schedule: from 8th of July
 Day Time   Run Host  Route  Stretch  Distances
Thursday Before beer
Thursday Run
You Luna Park Mater 8 to 11  75
Saturday Before 
Saturday Long Run
Your legs
Mrs. Macquarie's
Chair or Harbour
8,12,16  60-120
Monday  Don't wait Intervals Anybody Coach Steve's
Greatest Hits 2 or
do your own
  6 to 9  60
Ron's Run
(ideal for beginners)
Look in the
Choose a route
you've never done
  5 to 7  60
Your choice
Speed and Strength Same as
last week
At an oval
near you
   6 to 9  90
Wednesday Before
Wake Up You know
Pick one    8 to 10  60

Race Schedule
Date Event    Status Web Site 
 25 July  Sydney Harbour 5K/10K   open   Click
 7 August  Rafferty's 
 Lake Macquarie
  open   Click
 21 August  Bilpin Bush Run   open   Click
 22 August  Beach to Beach (3,6,13K)   open   Click
 19 Sept  Sydney Running Festival   open   Click
 17 Oct  City2Surf   open soon   Click
 29-31 Oct  Lakes Trails Festival
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NRG is a community based running group and has a NSW registered COVID-19 Safety Plan. Aware of the latest COVID situation, and the risks associated with gatherings, your club’s committee recognises how important running is to your mental and physical health, so we are hosting our regular sessions in line with NSW current policy. Pre-registration for all events via this website is mandatory. No exceptions. This is for tracing in the very unfortunate and unlikely situation where somebody tests positive who's been to a recent session.