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Running since 1993
Sydney, Australia
Date: 7/27/2021
Subject: NRG Weekly Newsletter - 28th July 2021
From: NRG Editor

Dear ~~first_name~~ , 
Welcome to the NRG weekly newsletter.

Club News

Something trivial is happening!

Thursday Evening Excitement 
What is it? A trip to Coles? A misdirected surprise UberEats delivery? Another invitation to purchase via Click & Infect®? Having a Gaytime on your own? Another Garmin outage to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the last one? A Pfizer Pfestival?

No, dear readers (those who are still reading), it's NRG's second go at Online Pub Trivia! This one will be even biggerer and betterer than the last one, with 43 possible points to win, and $50 & $20 Woolies e-gift vouchers as prizes, so you can stock up on toilet paper or something that you actually need more of. 
The action kicks off at 6:00 PM sharp Thursday, 29th July with Matt Kocz and Randy Brophy as your dodgy quizmasters. Free to all NRG members. The topics will be Arts & Entertainment, History and Languages. You'll be challenged, you'll laugh, you'll groan, you might even win. Alone or with your household, you have as good a chance as everybody else. And you'll be done before The Bachelor, The Olympics or Shaun The Sheep is on.
"How do I get on this fantastic ride?", you ask (maybe not in those words)...
simply pre-register by clicking here, and when it's five o'clock somewhere (in all time zones within your home), grab a drink or three, wait an hour, then click this link to join. 
The Art of NRG
Last week we invited all members on Facebook to participate in a small project: get a photo of yourself at an iconic scene of beauty while on a run (not to diminish the fact that you're all icons of beauty), and we'd merge all the photos into a collage that will be on our new website banner.
Well, you delivered. See the result below. Beautiful. Thanks to all who participated.
Missed out this time? We will do it again soon. After all, the banner photos change every few seconds, so there can be several.
For now, aside from getting vaccinated as soon as practicable, running outdoors is one of the most beneficial and safest things you can do. With lockdown now extended through August, fitness is a precious benefit to hold on to. Spring is coming, run into it before it runs into you.
July 2021 NRG Photo Collage

Bilpin is cancelled! But... 

Our education coordinator and running legend John Hesketh has organised an alternative virtual team event for the weekend of 23-24 August. Rules are simple:


1. Teams of three

2. Each team member to run an individual 30km route (which must be within a 10km radius of team member’s home / current covid restrictions)

3. Team’s time is the aggregate of each member’s time

4. No prizes, just the satisfaction of finishing something and not letting Covid hold us back

Sign up by end of day 22nd August: email John with your individual or team line-up by clicking here.
What is the Bilpin Bush Run? Originally a 35km A to B (Mt Wilson to Bilpin or WIlly to Billy), the original course was deemed unsafe due to landslips, so a new shorter one was designed with the help of Steve Bruggeman a few years ago so the race could make a comeback. This beautiful trail race has a long history of voluntarism by the Rural Fire Service and attracts dozens of NRG participants. Have a look back a decade back at just how good it was.

Nostalgia Pic of the Week
NRG with Sydney Frontrunners and Athletic East, before an annual joint run to train for SMH Half Marathon
Centennial Park, 26th April 2008

NRG-SFR-AE joint run 26Apr08

Still feeling lucky? Enter a race!
Date Event    Status Web Site 
 21 August  Bilpin Bush Run   cancelled   Click
 19 Sept  Sydney Running Festival   open   Click
 17 Oct  City2Surf  open soon   Click
 23 Oct  Beach to Beach (3,6,13K)  open   Click
 23 Oct  Rafferty's 
 Lake Macquarie
 open   Click
 29-31 Oct  Lakes Trails Festival
 discount code
 7 Nov  Sydney Harbour 5K/10K  open   Click


NRG is a community based running group and has a NSW registered COVID-19 Safety Plan. Aware of the latest COVID situation, and the risks associated with gatherings, your club’s committee recognises how important running is to your mental and physical health, so we are hosting our regular sessions in line with NSW current policy. Pre-registration for all events via this website is mandatory. No exceptions. This is for tracing in the very unfortunate and unlikely situation where somebody tests positive who's been to a recent session.