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Running since 1993
Sydney, Australia
Date: 8/3/2021
Subject: NRG Weekly Newsletter - 4th August 2021
From: NRG Editor

Dear ~~first_name~~ , 
Welcome to the NRG weekly newsletter.

Club News

Greetings from the sunny side of Lockdownistan!

What happened? 
OK, like everybody wants to know that. But back to NRG, we're still running and keeping active in other stuff, amidst all the Olympic bronze, silver and gold. A good turnout for the second online Pub Trivia event of the year featured an hour of Q&A plus bonus dad jokes (no dads were harmed) with first prize to Andrew Ward & family, and runner up to Kathryn Blyth. Woolies eGift vouchers to both. Congratulations to them, and all the others who participated. High scorers, low scorers, and those who showed up 45 minutes late. Giving it a go is what life's all about, right? Next, we were trying to organise a hide-and-seek competition, but good players are too hard to find.
That was the past... Here's some future for you:
The Website
If you saw our home page lately and mistook it for a western NSW seniors' gardening club in the 1990s, you weren't alone. Fact is, the package we use is quite powerful and flexible, but esoteric, abstruse, surreptitious, and other big words that (like our running club's website), made you want to run away. That is no more. If you have a look right now you'll see it's changed. A big shout out to club prez Kim Ryan for tireless hours over the past couple months to learn how to make the enhancements. There will be further enhancements coming.
NRG Shirts
It's been five years since the last design change, which you may remember was fully radical. This time the changes are more subtle, and we are bringing all our members into the loop with a poll. The new fabric will be more comfortable, and supplier easier to do business with. Cheers to Jane for her diligence on sorting this out, and Petra for the design work. Click here to vote on the shirt design, and provide other feedback.
Is there a lawyer in the house?
Our club Constitution & Bylaws wording has changed very little since 2002. New rules in the NSW Associations Act require us to specify whether or not we have term limits for committee members, and how they would be applied. Committee recommends that term limit be three years for one role, but not grandfathered (not retrospective). Currently there is no mention of it yay or nay. We need somebody with a legal background to go over this change, as well as the wording of the document to ensure we're in compliance. Please email Kim Ryan or respond to this email if you're willing to help us pro bono.
Where shall I run this weekend?
Most of our membership lives with a 10km radius encompassing this Saturday's original route of Greenwich-Longueville. With the "S"-word firmly in this weekend's forecast (SUNNY!), that route would be a nice one to do at your leisure alone or with a partner sometime over the weekend. Going off-trail a bit, I ventured down to the beautiful shoreline between the Northwood and Longueville peninsulas, with its scenic trail, and if I closed my eyes, I would've run into a tree...but in all seriousness, I thought it was Norfolk Island.
Keep running, stay safe, and keep up the good work locally in raising the numbers for covid vaccinations.
Proposed new NRG shirt design alternatives (artist: Petra Erby)
2021 shirt vote

DIY iso-Bilpin 

Our education coordinator and running legend John Hesketh has organised an alternative virtual team event for the weekend of 23-24 August. Rules are simple:


1. Teams of three

2. Each team member to run an individual 30km route (which must be within a 10km radius of team member’s home / current covid restrictions)

3. Team’s time is the aggregate of each member’s time

4. No prizes, just the satisfaction of finishing something and not letting Covid hold us back

Sign up by end of day 22nd August: email John with your individual or team line-up by clicking here. 

Daniel Johnson and one of several fabulous sunrises in the past week

Nostalgia Pic of the Week
Coach Steve Bruggeman receiving the first ever Runners' Choice Award
Crows Nest - 18th December 2002.

Steve Bruggeman receiving 1st Runners Choice Award NRG 18 December 2002.
The Wailing Wall
Date Event    Status Web Site 
 21 August  Bilpin Bush Run  cancelled   Click
 12 Sept  Run Forest Run (11,8,3K)  postponed   Click
 19 Sept  Sydney Running Festival  open   Click
 17 Oct  City2Surf  open soon   Click
 23 Oct  Beach to Beach (3,6,13K)  open   Click
 23 Oct  Rafferty's 
 Lake Macquarie
 open   Click
 29-31 Oct  Lakes Trails Festival
 discount code
 7 Nov  Sydney Harbour 5K/10K  open   Click
 December  Central Coast Half   postponed
 to 2022


NRG is a community based running group and has a NSW registered COVID-19 Safety Plan. Aware of the latest COVID situation, and the risks associated with gatherings, your club’s committee recognises how important running is to your mental and physical health, so we are hosting our regular sessions in line with NSW current policy. Pre-registration for all events via this website is mandatory. No exceptions. This is for tracing in the very unfortunate and unlikely situation where somebody tests positive who's been to a recent session.