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Running since 1993
Sydney, Australia
Date: 8/10/2021
Subject: NRG Weekly Newsletter - 11th August 2021
From: NRG Editor

Dear ~~first_name~~ , 
Welcome to the NRG weekly newsletter.

Club News

NRG Newsletter: Gold & Glory Edition


What a week!
The Olympics in Tokyo, lots of track & field, and Aussie glory. So many medals (46, including 17 gold) amidst so many challenges, including sleeping on cardboard beds and flying out of Tokyo within 48 hours of one's last competitive event. So amazing, even just considering how many recycled electronic items were in those medals brought back by our team. But seriously, this much-criticised, oft-doubted Olympics went ahead despite unprecedented sentiment against, and were a success. It's heartwarming to hear of people cheering for what we can do, rather than saying we just can't.
We know that reading about running is less fun than actually running, but...
there's a relay ultra competition happening next week that's unique. 1000 miles (1600km), by a team of four, in 5km shifts. Australia vs. USA, supporting youth mental health services. A relay is one brilliant way to have a running event with the covid lockdown. So brilliant, it's called 1000 Miles to Light. For more info or to follow, have a look here. The action starts this Saturday.
NRG Shirt Design
Thanks to the 30 people who responded to our poll on singlet & tee shirt design. There's one clear favourite so far, but we want more feedback before deciding, because it's your opinion that counts. The new fabric will be more comfortable, and supplier easier to do business with. Cheers to Jane for her diligence on sorting this out, and Petra for the design work. Click here to vote on the shirt design, and provide other feedback. 
Where shall I run this weekend?
Are you bored yet? Even though a compass has four main directions, there are plenty more options, and you don't always have to start running from home, as long as you stay within the covid-restriction radius of it. This weekend, we introduce Starkrun, a simple basic 5K you record yourself and submit the result. If you start from Crows Nest, and run toward the Harbour Bridge, 3km of it will be downhill. PB territory!
See details below. 

No races, no group sessions, no fun? No way.
No schedule, no crowds, no entry fee, no stress to get there on time either. 

5K your way. You choose where it starts and finishes. Even if it's in the middle of a 16km run, throw us your best 5km this weekend and we'll sort everybody's submissions and post the results next week. And no, it's not "starkers"; wear an NRG shirt for best results and get a selfie at the finish line to post on Facebook.
Simply record a 5K time and respond to this email with that result (or post on Facebook) anytime between 4 AM Friday and midnight Sunday.

DIY iso-Bilpin (without actually going to Bilpin)

There's still space on our virtual team event for the weekend of 23-24 August. Rules are simple:


1. Teams of three

2. Each team member to run an individual 30km route (which must be within a 10km radius of team member’s home / current covid restrictions)

3. Team’s time is the aggregate of each member’s time

4. No prizes, just the satisfaction of finishing something and not letting Covid hold us back

Sign up by end of day 22nd August: email John with your individual or team line-up by clicking here. 

Marathon Training Session

Week 1: Yasso Training Session (800m reps)


John Hesketh has kindly passed this on as a form of remote education... if you're training for a longer race, here's a speed session that can help.


- - - -


This session was developed by Bart Yasso, marathon runner and Chief Running Office for the Runner’s World magazine. The session is designed to train to run a specific marathon time and is structured as follows:


  1. Warm-up (~10mins light running)
  2. Run 800m in your target time
  3. Recovery 400m (easy jogging)
  4. Repeat steps two and three 9 times (so 10 reps in total)
  5. Cool-down

Now the interesting part, what should your 800m target time be? This depends on what your marathon goal time is. If you are targeting a 4hr 30min marathon, then your target time for the 800m is 4mins 30secs. If your goal time is 3hr 40min, then your target time is 3mins 40secs – so the basic rule of thumb is that your target time is your marathon goal time converted to mins and secs. So, if you’ve got ambitions for a super quick marathon, say 2hrs 45mins, then run your 800m in 2mins 45secs.


Does it work? It is just a rule of thumb, however it does seem to be reasonable indicator if the session is incorporated within a well-structured endurance program. And it is a great training session for building speed and mental endurance - as you will find when you get to reps 6 and on!


Like any training session, don’t be afraid to vary it to suit your own training. For example, if you are in the early stages of your marathon training, then perhaps start with five reps and build up gradually to ten or, if you are finding it relatively easy to complete the ten reps, then reduce your target time by 10secs. You can also modify the session to train for other distances, for example if you are training for a half-marathon, then just double your half-marathon goal time to work out your target time.


Happy running!

Nostalgia Pics of the Week: Older, Wiser, Slower, Stronger

Ultramarathon legend Dean Karnazes has been a running influencer since his 2005 publication Ultramarathon Man: Confessions of an All-Night Runner became widely-read and followed up by several more books detailing his amazing experiences. He gave up his corporate sales career to become an advocate, to raise money for a children's charity and preach the gospel of Ultra as he completed events around the world. 

In May, 2007, he was running from Mt Kosciuszko to Pitt Street Mall for a Starlight Foundation fundraiser. We were able to connect with his North Face sponsor and get a short-notice communication out to NRGers to run with him on his final 7km from the airport to the finish line at the North Face store. He wasn't yet well-known outside the marathon mob, and at least one club member asked "Who is Dean Karnazes?"

It was early afternoon on a Thursday, but we got six people to join in on the last of his 570km journey; some in shirt & tie from work. He greeted us running at him with the joviality one wouldn't expect from somebody who'd been running for seven straight days: "Hey, am I going the right way?", he queried as he pretended to crash into a road safety sign. He stopped to pose for photos with us, and later signed copies of his book. He seemed to be the happiest, perkiest and friendliest runner anybody could imagine.

Now at the age of 58, he's interviewed in a recent podcast which you can hear here. Also featured is a discussion about transgender eligibility in sport, a topic that goes back to the 1930s but is ever more relevant today.

Below, Dean Karnazes meets the NRG pack, 17th May 2007
ft. Jon Bird, Ginta Viliunas, Keith Hong, Daniel Mellish, Randy Brophy, Jonathan Papalia (not pictured).

The Guiding Lights
Date Event    Status Web Site 
 21 August  Bilpin Bush Run  cancelled   Click
 12 Sept  Run Forest Run (11,8,3K)  postponed   Click
 19 Sept  Sydney Running Festival  open   Click
 17 Oct  City2Surf  open soon   Click
 23 Oct  Beach to Beach (3,6,13K)  open   Click
 23 Oct  Rafferty's 
 Lake Macquarie
 open   Click
 29-31 Oct  Lakes Trails Festival
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 7 Nov  Sydney Harbour 5K/10K  open   Click
 December  Central Coast Half   postponed
 to 2022


NRG is a community based running group and has a NSW registered COVID-19 Safety Plan. Aware of the latest COVID situation, and the risks associated with gatherings, your club’s committee recognises how important running is to your mental and physical health, so we are hosting our regular sessions in line with NSW current policy. Pre-registration for all events via this website is mandatory. No exceptions. This is for tracing in the very unfortunate and unlikely situation where somebody tests positive who's been to a recent session.