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Running since 1993
Sydney, Australia
Date: 8/17/2021
Subject: NRG Weekly Newsletter - 18th August 2021
From: NRG Editor

Dear ~~first_name~~ , 
Welcome to the NRG weekly newsletter.

Club News

NRG Newsletter: 5K Radius Edition


Circle of Life
So this week we went backward, with a small circle being drawn and the nanny saying you can't step outside it. But if you remember back to what that was like, you could have heaps of fun within those borders by discovering places you've never been (though the shoes are bigger now). That is, unless you live on the water, then you'll need to become a better swimmer, or a TV addict. But if your Home & Away has become just Home, if you're too afraid of MasterSheriff to eat takeaway in a park, if your Australian Survivor has you wanting to be kicked off the island, do what'll make you feel better: go for a run (or a walk); the weather is perfect for outdoor exercise. Take heart in the news that in the past seven days, the vaccination finish line has been moving closer as quickly as we've been running toward it. Forecast for 70% is now nine days earlier on the calendar than it was a week ago.  
After two weeks, our NRG shirt-design poll results are in. See the results by scrolling down.

Last weekend we invited y'all to take part in a bare-bones, no-frills 5K you just make up at any time of the day by yourself, Starkrun. A few took us up on the offer, while the rest voted with their, er, feet. No worries... it was fun for some, especially when you discover the 5K portion you wanted to time-trial as part of a 13K run, was the most congested passageway since you tried to run against the crowd in the City2Surf because you dropped your mobile 800m back. So what brilliant (and more people-avoiding) feat are we inviting you to this weekend? Read on...
Where shall I run this weekend?
Run Every Street  is here! It avoids crowds and takes you places within a small radius. Choose a suburb, punch it into GoogleMaps and then run every metre of roadway within it. Make sure at least your mobile phone Strava app is recording it, so you can keep track of the territory you've covered, or do it the old-skool way - with a paper map. Post a screen shot of your route on the Facebook thread afterward. For example, all of McMahon's Point can be done with about 9km of running, while discovering laneways, neighbourhoods and pocket parks you may have never passed by before. If the suburb is too big, split it between two days.
Serious airborne threat
We went through it in 2020, something that's in the air, that sometimes sends its victims to the hospital. It's now spreading again, with reports coming in from all over Australia. The numbers are rising. It affects kids as well as adults. There was a death last week in Brisbane. Various folk remedies have been tried, but none of them work.
Yes, we're talking about magpies during their swooping season. They seem to dive-bomb runners and cyclists all too frequently. Lower your risk of getting attacked by checking this website when planning a running route from now until early October. People can log attack locations so others can avoid those locations. You can even look at prior years' data as some magpies are chronic offenders.

Starkrun! 5K Results
Toby Ward 19:03
Matt Kocx 22:33
Emma Pringle 23:05
Randy Brophy 24:48
Adam Jordan 26:20
Michelle Simper 28:42
Bev Royes not recorded
Megan Evans not recorded
Kurush Kasad not recorded
Kathryn Lowry not recorded
Fiona Hodgens not recorded

DIY iso-Bilpin (without actually going to Bilpin)

Last chance to sign up and be a part of our virtual team event for this weekend 21-22 August. Rules are simple:


1. Teams of three

2. Each team member to run an individual 30km route (which must be within a 10km radius of team member’s home / current covid restrictions)

3. Team’s time is the aggregate of each member’s time

4. No prizes, just the satisfaction of finishing something and not letting Covid hold us back

Sign up by end of day Friday 20th August: email John with your individual or team line-up by clicking here. 

NRG Shirt Design Poll Results

The votes are in. The top preference was orange with blue diagonal pattern, and the runner up was blue with red diagonal pattern. This was an initial survey result; the final decisions have not been made yet. A few thoughts on the Facebook post comments:

1) Why not go back to white? It's safer due to better visibility at night, and easier to spot in a race.
    From memory, the club dumped the white shirts because they turned a dirty yellowish tint eventually.  
    This, however, begs the next question: if your white shirt has turned yellow, isn't it time for a new one?
    The committee will consider this as safety is very important during the half of the year when 3-4 runs per week are in the dark.
2) Why change again?
    The first shirt design, the 8-bit runners, lasted from 2002 through 2007. We then went with the attractive fade and running silhouettes pattern until 2016.
    The logo and colours were radically changed in 2017, but a bit more consensus could've been sought in that.
    That is why we are asking you, our members, before doing it again.
     Our supplier situation could be heaps better, and several women have asked for more comfortable fabric, so we are seeking that too.
3) Does it have to be just one? Can we have two colour schemes?
    To be discussed with the committee. Some love blue and hate orange. Others like the high visibility of orange.
4) Will singlets change too? 
     Yes, accordingly.

Marathon Training Session

Week 2: (Fat)killer Hills


Another great idea forwarded by our Education Coordinator John Hesketh:


- - - -


Choose a hill with a gradient of between 5-10% and approximately 200-300m long (i.e. the kind of hill you can run up but at the bottom you look up and wish you were at the top). The old channel 9 hill on Chelmsford Ave, Artarmon is a good example. Hospital Hill (Westbourne St) is too.


After a 5-10min warm-up, carry out three sets as follows:

Set 1:   Run as hard as you can up the hill for 90secs, note your finishing point and jog back down. Repeat five more times trying to get a little further up the       hill each time


Set 2:   Run as hard as you can up the hill for 60secs, note your finishing point and jog back down. Again, repeat five more times trying to get a little further up the hill each time


Set 3:   Run as hard as you can up the hill for 30secs, note your finishing point and jog back down. Repeat five more times trying to get a little further up the hill each time


Finish with an easy jog to cool-down for 5-10mins


Modify the session to suit your own fitness and needs by reducing or increasing the number of reps in each set. For example, if you are new to hill training, then perhaps just do 3 reps in each set and then gradually increase the number of reps in subsequent sessions. Complete this session a few times and you will find yourself bounding up every hill. 

NRG Nostalgia Pic: Sydney Running Festival - Half Marathon
Milson's Point 18th September 2011

One of these races is definitely going to happen...

Date Event    Status Web Site 
 21 Aug  Bilpin Bush Run  cancelled   Click
 21-22 Aug  NRG Iso-Bilpin Local  open   Click  
 12 Sept  Run Forest Run (11,8,3K)  postponed   Click
 19 Sept  Sydney Running Festival  open   Click
 17-24 Oct  City2Surf (VIRTUAL)  open soon   Click
 23 Oct  Beach to Beach (3,6,13K)  open   Click
 23 Oct  Rafferty's 
 Lake Macquarie
 open   Click
 29-31 Oct  Lakes Trails Festival
 discount code
 7 Nov  Sydney Harbour 5K/10K  open   Click
 December  Central Coast Half   postponed
 to 2022


NRG is a community based running group and has a NSW registered COVID-19 Safety Plan. Aware of the latest COVID situation, and the risks associated with gatherings, your club’s committee recognises how important running is to your mental and physical health, so we are hosting our regular sessions in line with NSW current policy. Pre-registration for all events via this website is mandatory. No exceptions. This is for tracing in the very unfortunate and unlikely situation where somebody tests positive who's been to a recent session.